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Olave Program Resource


1. What is the Olave Program?

“Through the Olave Program I think I’ve developed into someone I’m proud of being.”

The Olave Program is a part of Girl Guides Australia, which in turn is part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), the world’s largest voluntary organisation for girls and young women.

The Olave Program is a personal development program for members of Guiding in Australia aged 18-30.  It focuses on the three aspects of community, adventure and self-development.

An Olave is a member of a State Girl Guide Organisation who has had her 18th birthday but has not yet had her 30th birthday, and who elects to participate in the Olave Program by registering as such in her state.

The Olave Program empowers young women to further develop as confident, self-respecting, responsible global community members.  It also provides a voice for the young women of Guiding.

Participating in the Olave Program provides great opportunities for challenge and adventure, getting involved in the community, meeting new people and developing new skills and abilities.

Peer Groups consist of Olaves who meet together on a regular (or semi-regular) basis. Peer Groups may be set up according to geographical areas (ie regions or districts), or to meet the needs of those with similar interests (for example, canoeing or advocacy).

The Olave Program was reviewed in 2013-2014, and a number of improvements have been made as a result of an ongoing project called Olave Program Ignite. This project will continue throughout 2016.

This Resource contains a wealth of information about the Olave Program and Girl Guides Australia.  There is a list of contacts at Section 10 for any further questions.

You can also download the Olave Program Resource as a PDF for easy printing or use offline.

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