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3.5. Setting up a Peer Group

There are any number of reasons why an Olave may be looking to set up a new Peer Group.  It may be that a group of Guides have recently turned 18 and want to continue their Guiding journey in the Olave Program at a time that suits them.  Alternatively, an active Olave may have moved to a new area where there is no Peer Group, or a Unit Leader who is 18-30 may be seeking to develop herself through Guiding and want to set up a Peer Group.

The first step in setting up a Peer Group is to contact the State Olave Program Manager. She will be able to assist with the process, and it is also important that she is aware of the creation of new Peer Groups.

The next step is to find some like-minded young women who are also interested in creating a Peer Group.  This usually involves working with Region or District Managers to identify leaders aged 18-30 who may wish to participate in the Olave Program, contacting Guide Units with 17 year old Guides to get in touch with young women who may have recently left Guiding when they turned 18.

Once a small group of Olaves has been identified, they should meet (perhaps with the State Olave Program Manager in attendance) to:

  • Decide how the Peer Group will meet and how often (of course this can always be changed).
  • Nominate the Contact Person for the Peer Group. This role involves being accountable for passing on communications from State Olave Program Manager or Region Manager to the Peer Group, and responding to requests from the Region Manager or State Olave Program Manager as required.
  • Set goals of what the Peer Group wants to accomplish each year and evaluate regularly.
  • Register the new Peer Group, including details of the Contact Person as per state requirements or procedures (check with the State Olave Program Manager).

All Olaves in the Peer Group must be paid members of the State Girl Guide Organisation and have complied with the child protection policy of the state with regard to Working With Children Checks (or similar).

Sometimes it can take time to establish a new Peer Group, and Olaves should not be disheartened if it does not occur as quickly as they might expect.  Consistent communication and conversations with people inside and outside Guiding can assist in developing momentum and attracting new Olaves.

Check out the Learning Topic on Team Building.

“The Olave Program is a really great opportunity for me to be able to connect in Guiding with people my own age.”

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