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3.2. Requirements for Peer Groups

There are no set rules around how often a Peer Group needs to meet, or exactly what it needs to do. This is up to the Olaves who are members of the Peer Group to decide.  However, it is important that Peer Groups are registered, provide their state with updates of their activities and are open, accessible and accountable.

The basic requirements for a Peer Group are:

  • Registered with the State Girl Guide Organisation (as per state processes) and has a name.
  • Has a nominated Contact Person for the Peer Group who is willing to be accountable for passing on communications from State Olave Program Manager or Region Manager to the Peer Group, and responding to requests from the Region Manager or State Olave Program Manager as required (and ensure that contact details are regularly updated).
  • Be open to new Olaves joining the Peer Group.
  • Be committed to facilitating participation in the Olave Program Framework.
  • Ensure that all activities are in line with the Promise and Law, Guide Lines and the Code of Conduct.

Olaves can be members of more than one Peer Group. For example, they might be involved with Peer Groups in different locations (at university and at home), or for different interests.

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