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3.7. Recruiting to a Peer Group

The very best way to recruit new members to a Peer Group is to get out and get seen in the Guiding community and the wider community! Unless people know about the Olave Program and what Peer Groups get up to, they are unlikely to be interested in joining.

Here are some tips to recruit new members to a Peer Group from within Guiding:

  • Forge links between a Peer Group and a local 14+ Guide Unit and hold some joint events so that Guides and Olaves get to know each other.
  • Have a list of birthdays for 16 and 17 year old Guides in the region – send out birthday cards containing the AGP-OP Link Badge syllabus when the Guides turn 17, and a card with an invite to the Peer Group event when they turn 18.
  • Set up a ‘Big Sister’ or buddy program for Guides in the district or region with the Olaves.
  • Have a regular Peer Group representative at district or region meetings to get to know the Leaders who are 18-30 years old, or ask the District or Region Manager to send out an email.

Of course, there are also young women in the wider community who might be interested in joining a Peer Group.  Think about holding stalls at community events, where appropriate, such as the local university orientation week, library or community fete.

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