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3.6. Programming for a Peer Group

Olaves and Peer Groups structure their programs around the Olave Program Framework, to ensure that opportunities are available to participate in a wide variety of activities and to support the growth of individuals.   When planning for activities, think:

  • Is this an adventure or a challenge?
  • Is it about learning new skills or designed to help individuals grow and develop?
  • Is it beneficial for the community?

It is important to remember that the Olave Program Framework is intended to enhance rather than limit an individual’s experience in the Olave Program.

Figure 1

Check out Section 2 for more information about the Olave Program Framework and ideas for activities and projects for each of the three aspects – Community, Adventure and Self-Development.

Different Peer Groups will agree on their program in different ways.  Some Peer Groups may plan for the upcoming semesters, others may plan for the whole year and others might plan only one activity in advance.  Bigger events, or events with Guides or other organisations should always be planned well in advance.  Check out Section 2.3.2 for relevant information regarding camps and adventure activities.  Effective risk management must always form a key part of Peer Group programming!

Some quick tips to assist with planning:

  • Check with the state or region as to what events are coming up and whether Olaves can help out at or attend.
  • Find out what external fundraising or service activities are planned in the local area.
  • Learn when the different International Days are scheduled (the full list of UN-recognised days are here)
  • Nominate different Olaves to organise different events or activities so that no one person is stuck with organising everything (this will also ensure that activities are not limited to those enjoyed by one particular person, or held in one particular location).
  • Don’t just think small – what about an international or interstate trip for the Peer Group?

Here is one example of a Peer Group plan for half a year:

Sunday 25 JanuaryPeer Group planning evening – at Guide House (includes celebration for Mya’s OBP Award)Larissa
Sunday 22 FebruaryState Thinking Day event – running an activity and the first aid tentBronwyn
Wednesday 4 March Indoor rock climbing eveningMiranda
Friday 20 March “Presenting with Pizzazz” training for all OlavesAisling
Saturday 4 April – Sunday 5 AprilOvernight camp at state Guide property including organising busy bee Kate
Wednesday 15 AprilSelf-defence class, also inviting local 14+ Guides Bek
Saturday 2 MayOlave Program breakfast prior to state AGMNicole
Friday 15 MayTeach Something, Learn Something (everyone brings a new skill to teach) Lindsay
Saturday 6 June – Sunday 7 June Relay for Life – Peer Group team entered (fundraising for Cancer Council)Jen
Friday 19 JuneOBP Award planning and showcase evening (state awards coordinator present)Lauren
Saturday 11 July – Sunday 12 JulyOvernight hike at local national parkEmma

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