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3.8. Peer Groups and Guiding

Some Peer Groups are connected to a district or a region, while others might be based at a State level. Therefore, some Peer Groups may be connected to their State Girl Guide Organisation via a Region Manager as well as the State Olave Program Manager.  Some States also have, or are introducing, Olave Program representatives or positions at region level.

It is important for Peer Groups to be connected to the Guiding that is happening in their district, region or state.  Olave Program Peer Groups should be an integral part of the local Guiding community, which may include running events, fundraising and giving service to Guiding so that the Guides get to know who they are and what they do.

Peer Groups should ensure that they have a representative at district or region meetings to keep the region or district informed about the Olave Program as well as to keep the Peer Group informed about region or district matters.

“Events such as Shindig have been fantastic for being able to see what Olaves are all about and I loved being able to do things with Olaves even before I was old enough to be one!”

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