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3.12 . Peer Groups and external organisations

3.12.1. Scouts Australia

Scouts Australia, in particular the Rover Scout section (18 – 25 years inclusive) have traditionally worked closely with Guiding. Events such as balls and large camps (Moots) are run regularly by Rover Scouts and Olaves are often invited. Likewise, Rover Scouts may also be invited to events run by Olaves. Local Rover Scout contacts can be sought from the State Olave Program Manager or by contacting the Scouts state office.

Please remember that Guide Lines must be adhered to when planning or joining events to ensure the safety of all members.

3.12.2. Other organisations

Olaves can also be involved in partnerships with other likeminded organisations.  Individual Olaves or Peer Groups can choose to work with any other organisations that are in line with the values and mission statement of Girl Guides Australia. One piece of useful information for assessing an external organisation is the Girl Guides Australia Framework for Social Partnerships tool. (username: leaders, password: ggainfo)

“My highlight so far being part of the Olave Program is making lots of friends that stick with you for the rest of your life. You share so many good memories with them!”

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