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3.1. Overview of Peer Groups

A Peer Group consists of a number of Olaves who meet together on a regular basis. Peer Groups may be set up according to geographical areas (ie regions or districts), or to meet the needs of those with similar interests (for example, canoeing or advocacy).

Olaves who are seeking a Peer Group (or a new Peer Group) can contact their State Olave Program Managers for information about other Peer Groups in their area, or any online Peer Groups.  Finding a Peer Group that is a good fit is important to foster positive dynamics. Olaves should feel free to take time to explore different options and find a Peer Group that works for them.

Peer Groups are not necessarily the same as Award Support Groups (see Section 4).

“Nothing can compare to being in a room with a diverse group of women who all have the same basic vision.”

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