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3.11 . Finances in a Peer Group

Peer Groups may choose to handle finances in a variety of different ways. Many Peer Groups work on the basis that each Olaves attending the particular Peer Group activities pays her own share at the time.

Some Peer Groups will instead have a bank account and Olaves pay a monthly or termly fee to contribute to all the Peer Group activities.  If a Peer Group chooses to have a bank account, it must comply with the policies and requirements of the State Girl Guide Organisations (which may include having the District or Region Manager as a signatory on the account, for example).  If in doubt, check with the State Olave Program Manager.

Money that is received by way of fundraising must be dealt with according to the basis upon which the fundraising occurred. It is always necessary to be clear about what organisation or person will benefit from the fundraising, and to ensure that all the money goes to that organisation or person in a timely manner. Refer to the fundraising policy in Guide Lines.

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