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3.4. Communication in a Peer Group

Many Peer Groups utilise social media to organise activities and events.   Here are some tips to make the best use of social media for communications:

  • Ensure that all Olaves are familiar with the Girl Guides Australia Social Media Policy in Guide Lines.
  • It is best to create a closed or secret Facebook group so that details of events, and comments, are not publicly available.
  • Ensure that if any Olave does not wish for photos to be available online, that her wishes are respected.
  • To encourage more Olaves to become involved in Peer Group events, put up photos so everyone can see the great activities that are occurring.
  • Share posts about activities and photos with State and National Facebook pages so that other Peer Groups and Olaves can be inspired.
  • Ensure that communications online are always appropriate and polite, in accordance with the Social Media policy as set out in Guide Lines.

Remember to ensure that all communications are accessible to all members of the Peer Group (for example, if some Olaves don’t have Facebook make sure that information is distributed by email as well).  Consider the use of technology to ensure that Peer Groups remain connected even if separated by distance.

Check out the Learning Topic on Communication.

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