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6. Olave Program Mentors

One of the recommendations arising from the Olave Program Review was the establishment of the role of Olave Program Mentor.  It is envisaged this would be a role for older Olaves to provide the advice and support to enable younger Olaves to explore and take on project, committee and event management responsibilities. This would provide an additional challenge for women who have been involved in the Olave Program for a number of years and who have a wealth of networks, skills and experiences to share with younger Olaves.  Further information about this scheme will follow in 2016 as part of the ongoing Olave Program Ignite project.

There is no reason for older Olaves not to take on an informal mentoring role even without an official position.  Further, the value of a mentor (or mentors) for all Olaves, whether inside or outside of Guiding, cannot be understated.  All Olaves are encouraged to seek out mentors in life and to take on roles as mentors for other people.

“The Olave Program has given me incredible opportunities and the chance to meet even more amazing people.”

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