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2.1. Overview of the Olave Program Framework

The Olave Program is a personal development program for members of Guiding in Australia aged 18-30.  It focuses on the three aspects of community, adventure and self-development.

Olaves take opportunities to:

  • Make a positive difference in their communities through volunteering, service and advocacy;
  • Challenge themselves through new experiences especially in the outdoors and internationally; and
  • Develop skills and knowledge to enable them to grow as individuals.

The Olave Program is underpinned by the Guide Promise and Law and the innovations and traditions of Australian Guiding.

Figure 1

Olaves and Peer Groups should structure their programs around the Olave Program Framework, to ensure that opportunities are available to participate in a wide variety of activities and to support the growth of individuals.

The Olave Program Framework is intended to enhance rather than limit an individual’s experience in the Olave Program.

“I am constantly amazed by the variety of people that I have met through the Olave Program from across Australia, who are brought together by a shared commitment to personal growth and working to improve our community, as well as being up for all sorts of adventures.”

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