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4.1. Overview of Olave Program Awards

The Olave Program Awards structure recognises that all Olaves are different and as such offers a range of challenges to cater for everyone. With the flexibility to be viewed as both a whole system or as many individual awards, the Olave Program Awards structure allows participants to set their own path. Choosing their own Award Support Groups, and mentors to guide them on their way, Olaves are continually supported and encouraged to grow in knowledge and reach their goals.

The Awards structure will undergo review in 2016 as part of the ongoing Olave Program Ignite project. These changes will not affect Olaves who have already commenced awards.  All Olaves starting work on Awards prior to any changes will be encouraged to complete their Awards in the form in which they commenced them, and will of course receive full recognition.

Many of the Awards require an Award Support Group to be nominated.

An Award Support Group is a group of at least four other adult members of Guiding in Australia. At least two of the members must be between 18 and 30, and where possible the majority of the Award Support Group is to be in this age group.  The members of an Award Support Group should know the Olave who is undertaking the Award well enough to be able to assess what will be a challenge for her.  The Award Support Group should be in regular contact, whether online or face-to-face.

“A highlight of mine includes volunteering at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary as part of my Olave Baden-Powell Award. I discovered how amazing dingoes were and challenged a fear of birds.”

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