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8.4. Girl Guides Australia structure and governance

There are many fantastic opportunities for Olave to take on roles at a state and national level within Guiding, and an understanding of the structure and procedures of the national organisation is very useful for all Olaves.

Girl Guides Australia

Girl Guides Australia is a company limited by guarantee, whose members are the seven State Girl Guide Organisations.  Each State Girl Guide Organisation is an incorporated associated in its own state.  Olaves are members of a State Girl Guide Organisation.

The governance of Girl Guides Australia is in the hands of the Girl Guides Australia Board, of which the Chief Commissioner is the Chair.  Besides the Chair, the Board consists of a director nominated by each State (often the State Commissioner, but not always), two appointed directors and a Treasurer.

The national Management Advisory Committee is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of Girl Guides Australia, and includes the State Executive Officer (or equivalent) from each State Girl Guide Organisation together with the five National Volunteer Managers (Olave Program, International, Program, Learning & Development and Outdoors).

The Olave Program

Each state has a State Olave Program Manager who is responsible for the Olave Program in that State.  Many states have State Olave Program Committees, but the structure and procedures of these committees vary greatly between the states. The State Olave Program Manager is also a member of the National Olave Program Committee (NOPC), which is chaired by the National Olave Program Manager. The NOPC meet by teleconference every month, and face-to-face once a year.  In this way, states are able to share experiences and information to improve the Olave Program in a consistent way and to ensure the voices of young women from across Australia are represented at the national level.

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