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7.2. Guiding traditions

There are many traditions and innovations within Guiding that underpin the Olave Program. Individuals, Units and Peer Groups may also have or create their own traditions.


Camping and the outdoors have been an integral part of Guiding from the start. Guiding also involves learning about and caring for the environment, as well as spending time appreciating the beauty of nature.  Bushcraft skills, such as navigation, survival and observation, are an important part of Guiding, as are rope skills and pioneering skills.  An additional practical aspect of the outdoors is outdoor cooking.


Campfires are a strong Guiding tradition.  A campfire is not only an opportunity to practice fire lighting and to roast marshmallows, but also to share fun through active and silly songs, as well as share reflection through quiet and meaningful songs.   Skits, jokes, stories and yells also contribute to a successful and memorable campfire.

Gang Shows

Gang Shows are performing arts activities which go by different names, including Gang Show, Showtime and Revue, and involve Guides and Scouts. The scripts are written, music composed, the cast produced, costumes created, and sets designed and built by members of the ‘Gang’.

Trefoil Guilds

Any adult Member of Guiding can join a Trefoil Guild, which are a group of women over 18 who are passionate about Guiding and who support their local and State members through various means. Members of Trefoil Guilds have often stepped down from more active roles in Guiding and want to continue to share the spirit of Guiding and keep its traditions alive. Current Leaders and Olaves can also join a Guild. Trefoil Guilds have a wealth of knowledge, experience, various skills and history.

World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day is celebrated by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world every year on 22 February.  That date was chosen because it is the birthday of both Lord and Lady Baden-Powell.  It is a day to think about our Guiding sisters in all the countries of the world, the meaning of Guiding, and its global impact.

Guides around the world fundraise for the World Thinking Day Fund, which supports the growth of Guiding in other countries.  In addition, every year, WAGGGS shares a World Thinking Day theme. Jump on the WAGGGS Website to find out about this year’s theme. There are often Toolkits with activities that Olaves and Peer Groups could get involved in.   Check out the World Thinking Day website:

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